Sunday, October 26, 2008

Top Drawer

If I weren't voting for McCain already, he'd have my vote won now. I found out that one of John McCain's lesser-known campaign promises is that if he is elected President, he wants the President to stand before Congress to answer questions about his policies, much like Prime Ministers do in parliamentary systems.

I generally don't like a parliamentary system of government because it tends to be instable (see Italy) and more prone to rash action than our system of government. However, I love this part of parliamentary systems. For those who have never seen Prime Minister's Questions, it is hilarious. Every Wednesday for half an hour, the British Prime Minister has to stand in front of Parliament and answer pointed direct questions from the opposition leader, and any MP who chooses to ask them. Robin Williams once described the process of British Parliament being "just like Congress, except with a two-drink minimum."

I'm not sure if it would work in the United States, but at the very least it's an interesting idea.

Part of the appeal of watching Prime Minister's Questions is hearing all the different accents that you get from just a country the small size of the UK. I'd love to hear some good ol' boy from Texas or Alabama just get up and grill the President on the latest failed policy. Jolly good.

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Matt said...

This is nothing, Cheney's been doing this for years.

"What's my official position on this policy? Go fuck yourself, that's my position. Next question."