Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let's all welcome Vinnie, an invaluable asset to this fine blog

Thanks for the kind words, guys. Yes, I'm finally joining this blog.

I figured I should start off with a little introduction. It's unclear to me where I stand politically, but I think it's somewhere between libertarian and radical socialist but mostly disinterested outside of entertainment purposes. Other than legalizing the ganj, I don't think I have a hard, passionate stance on any political issues, at least not as they directly relate to what the government's role is and/or should be. As far as I'm concerned, politics on the whole is mostly a big pissing contest that gives people with humungous egos a leg-up in banging younger women and a way to piggyback social changes occurring beyond the influence of policy so that they can take credit for them. No big news there.

Having said that, I do enjoy wasting time and making sport of things that people take too seriously to amuse myself. And if I'm convinced of one thing, it's that anyone who's super-passionate about getting their dude in office vastly overrates the importance of the legislative process. I could be totally wrong, but that's never deterred me from preaching the gospel before.

Anyway, now that I've joined the blog, I'm gonna try to run the show as I always do. First order of business: Can we do something about the generic template, guys? Isn't it bad enough that there's a hundred thousand billion soon-to-be-abandoned hack political blogs out there that we shouldn't at least try to make this one more visually interesting if we hope that anyone will give it more than a glance? Jesus, guys. I mean, seriously. Shape up. I'll get working on one of those crazy collage-style banners.


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Mike said...

Battle stations, boys. We're in danger of being re-commanded.