Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Genuine Class....Jeremy's...Iron...

Because I really don't want to do my Moot Court brief even though it's due next week and I'm WAY behind, here's what you get if you rearrange the letters for the key players in this election cycle. Some are kind of telling.

"McCain - Palin"
- Calm in Panic (Oddly enough, his campaign a month ago was the exact opposite)
- L.A. Man Picnic (Not sure, but the evangelicals can't be happy with this one...)
- AM: Nap, Clinic... (At 72, this would probably be his morning schedule.)

"Obama - Biden"
- Babe Domain (Sorority skanks for Change?)
- Nabob Media (Nailed it.)
- Bad Mean Bio (He's a bad mother-shut yo mouth- I'm just talkin' 'bout Barack...)

"Joe the Plumber"
- Lo, be the jumper!
- Bleep her jot, um (Dunno, but sounds dirty)
- Job, the um, Leper? (Suffering taxpayers without health care?)

"Bill Ayers"
- Bare Silly (That more or less sums it up)

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