Friday, October 3, 2008

Let's Review

John Madden: Born in 1936
John McCain: Born in 1936

McCain and Madden: Names both contain 10 letters.

McCain and Madden: Both poorly impersonated by Frank Caliendo.

McCain and Madden: Both famous bus-riders

McCain and Madden: Both afraid of water

McCain: Combat duty begins in 1967.
Madden: Coaching career begins in 1967.
McCain: First Senate term begins in 1987.
Madden: First John Madden Football game debuts in 1988.

Madden and McCain: Both masters of the obvious, i.e.,
Madden: "Here's a guy who when he runs, he moves faster."

Madden: Handed out "nuclear turkeys" with as many as eight legs on Thanksgiving.
McCain: Favors increased use of nuclear power.

McCain and Madden: Both regular fixtures on NBC

Madden: "Boom! Tough-actin' Tinactin!"
McCain: "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran"


Matt said...

Boom! Now that is big time politics.

Matt said...

Also - don't you EVER post a picture that big of Frank Caliendo again. Jesus Christ, talk about nightmare fuel.