Thursday, September 25, 2008

The VP Candidate I Can Actually Relate To

First off, I'm certainly not talking about Mrs. October on the next NRA Swimsuit Calender. No, I am referring to Joe "Amusingly Placing Foot in Mouth" Biden. Yes, Mr. Biden has a penchant for making the occasionally awkward, if not well meaning comment (sound familiar to my friends). However, I think he actually works hard at his craft and has earned his spot on a presidential ticket. Maybe Biden picked the wrong Iraq War to back (not a bad idea to back it in 1991, a horrendously awful idea in 2003 and I said that back before it started). However, he was one of the Senators who actually believed it was a good idea to leave that bumbling idiot Clarence Thomas off the Supreme Court. Also, unlike Mrs. Palin, who probably struggles to identify the Middle East on the map, Biden has spent many years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and has an idea on how to communicate with foreign leaders (asking them questions other than their recommendations of favorite flavor at Cold Stone Creamery). So, even though there will assuredly be a few more instances when my man Barack Obama will want to take Biden in the back and slap some sense into him, I'd much rather have him a heartbeat away from the presidency than Mrs. Small Time Mayor whose too ignorant to realize Obama's deeds as a community organizer will far outweigh anything she has or likely ever will accomplish.


Petter said...

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Matt said...

Who the fuck's this guy? Weeeeeird. Despite how competent or not you think Palin is, you have to find it hilarious how extremely pervy the President of Pakistan was with her today.

JZilla said...

I love watching republicans fall over themselves to prove the greatness of Palin. Last night one of them said she's up to date on the Iraq war because she has a son in Iraq and she "keeps up on things over there".

So....Cindy Sheehan for Veep?