Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Kids Are Alright, But Leave them out of it

By the headline, I mean not just in reference to the earlier media frenzy over Bristol Palin's pregnancy, that somehow was a reflection on whether Palin was qualified to be Vice-President. Regardless of how you feel about Palin's credentials, I think everyone can agree that her daughter getting knocked up really doesn't move the needle one way or the other.

Some political ads, web videos, and issues will use children, perhaps unavoidably (education issues, etc.), but not only do I find this highly inappropriate, but it genuinely creeps me out. For the record, it would creep me out if it was a batch of McCain-supporting minors singing his praises as well. That kind of shit is too North Korea/Hitler youth for my tastes.

There's no evidence that the Obama campaign was involved in the planning of this, but still. Who are these kids' parents (who I'm willing to bet are really the driving force behind this)? These kids won't even be old enough to vote for Obama's re-election....

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Matt said...

I have two issues with the Palin's kid and the situations involving them:

1. Palin's kids have retarded names (fitting! [I'm sprinting to hell, fuck you]), and that alone should disqualify her from being Vice President.

2. My real quibble is with the Republicans who, for the last two elections have been touting the amorphous issue of family values as one of their big strong points. Those same people now want to sweep the fact that Sarah Palin's daughter got knocked up under the rug completely. Add to the fact that Palin trots out that she's a devoted mother every fucking chance she gets and you're left with a situation where the Republican stance reeks of hypocrisy.

If Barack Obama's big foothold was that he was, I don't know, staunchly anti-murderer and one of his daughters murdered someone, it would be relevent (also disturbing, given the age of his daughters). I'm not saying it's fair, but it is relevent that someone who supports strong family values has problems implementing those same Christian morals in her own fuckin' family.

**Also - anyone offended by me making light of the fact that Sarah Palin's baby is retarded can get fucked. Don't bother commenting on here, because I don't have the patience for your self-righteous indignation.