Thursday, September 25, 2008

Irony, or Barely Interesting Coincidence?

This article (from a 'Channel 4,' though I don't know where although I know it's probably Europe or Canada thanks to clues like them using the word 'favourite') is a pretty interesting read. It's about the favorite (or, favourite) movies of former and current Presidents of the United States.

Obama picked the Robert Redford classic The Candidate (side note: cheesey pick, Barry) and McCain mentioned both the revolutionist biopic Viva Zapata and the family classic Bambi. I would assume, however, that Sen. McCain and Governor Palin don't quite see eye to eye on the message of the Disney classic. Unless there's a newly-released version from the Disney vault where the hunter proceeds to skin Bambi's mother and ride off with the carcass on his snow machine to a rousing climactic musical number composed by Phil Collins. In that case, I'm sure Ms. Palin is all for it.

Also - I found this interesting because I've always felt that you can get a pretty good idea about someone by their taste in movies and actors. Can you appreciate Dumb & Dumber while also enjoying classics like The Searchers and On The Waterfront? Then we're cool. Are you a fan of Renee Zellwegger and Ashton Kutcher that generally refuses to watch movies made before 1985? If so, let's never hang out or speak to one another.

As both a movie junkie and a dick, this theory also provides me with the means with which to judge people of whom I think poorly and to improve my own terrible self-esteem. Case in point: two of my favorite movies are Heat and Terminator 2, and accordingly, I fucking rule. For proof of this street being definitively two way, consider this:

George W. Bush has said in the past that his favorite actor is Chuck Norris and one of his favorite movies is Austin Powers. That's all the explanation you need to understand what's happened to this country in the last eight years.

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The Yellow Chair Media Conglomerate said...

Also - Al Gore picked Tron. What a nerd.